“One Minute” Contest



1. Objectives

To face social topic from several points of view. To motivate people to use audiovisual tools to give voice and light to different social situations.

2. Contestants:

  • Should be, at least, 14 years old.
  •  Can participate individually or in group.
  • Contestants must be the authors of the video, must own all the copyrights and the rights over all the people appearing in the video and over the soundtrack (if there is one).

3. Material:

  • Maximum clip length: 1 minute (60 seconds) including the credits. Longer videos won’t be admitted.
  • Every contestant can send 3 videos.
  • Any devices can be used, but the final quality (image, audio, resolution) must be, at least, 720 x 480 (correct to be played on the internet).


free choice and free film genre (fiction, documentary, animation…), always related to social issues.


Official languages are Spanish and Euskera. Any other languages can be used, but always subtitled in Spanish or Euskera.

6. Presentación de los video-Minuto

Communication will be exclusively by the website www.ficbe.com:

  • Look for the contest link an send us an email with your name, phone number and the subject “Your name + I want to participate in the One-Minute-Video Contest”.
  • The organization will send you the registration form, the rules and all the details of the contest.
  • All clips must be sent by www.wetransfer.com.

7. Deadline for registrations

from 1st September to at 6 p.m. to 11th September at 11 p.m.

8. Contest development:

  • A jury, made up by members of the organization, will choose 25 videos amongst all the clips received.
  • Finalists will be posted on the FICBE website so that everybody can enjoy them.
  • The jury decision will be indisputable, and prizes may remain unawarded if they decide so.
  • If the jury has any doubt on their decisions, they have the authority to construe these rules.
  • Authors will be contacted, if they are finalists.
  • The awards ceremony and screening (on-line) will be communicated at his time and will be made public by the media.
  • Berriozar Films kultural Lantzeluze will have the right  screening the clips on the website www.ficbe.com for one year from the decision of the jury.
  •  Awarded clips will be exposed on the website www.ficbe.com as long as the festival exists.

9. Prizes

One-Minute-Video FICBE ’20
First prize 120€* + trofeo
Second prize 120€*
Audience award      (voting through social networks) 100€

*In case the Firs prize isn’t won by a local author, the Second prize will be granted to a local author.


10. Use of videos

The organization acquire the exhibition rights of the selected clips, reserving the right to collect and broadcast some of the videos as promotional material in the media. The copies of the winners will become property of the organization, which compromises to use them as a cultural, and never a profit-making, material. The organization doesn’t get responsible form any breach of copyright.

11. Rules acceptation

Participating in this contest entail the knowledge and acceptation of the present rules.

12. Contacto Berriozar Films kultural Lantzeluze

Concurso “Vídeo-Minuto”

El plazo de admisión de los vídeos del 1 AL 11 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020